Drank. A Bored Palate.

07 Apr 2015, Posted by Melissa Giaime in Blog, Products

Drank. A Bored Palate.
Searching for something different? Maybe a little out of the ordinary? This week we’re highlighting some fantastic sippers that’s a little out of the box. Our answer for the palate looking for some extraordinary drinks.

For the un-HOP-py palate.
Wild Sour Series by DESTIHL Brewery
Located in central Illinois, DESTIHL brews only in small batches throughout the year, IMG_3889allowing them to brew as many different types of beers as possible. Although the amount of beers produced isn’t what’s most important, but rather their passion for brewing beer keeps them going nonstop. The Wild Sour series is the FIRST sour beer to be canned. Unlike their other sour series where beer is long-term aged and soured in oak barrels, DESTIHL wanted to do something different and bring something new to the market. Solution: They got wild. Known for “making uncommon beer uncommonly well”, they took the same spontaneous, wild micro flora derived from their Reserva Sour barrels and soured a new batch using wild fermentation. The result was a tartness that soured your mouth in the most flavorful way, all without the need of aging in a barrel.

Try their Counter Clockweisse, a “reverse engineered” interpretation of a Berliner-style Weisse beer or Here Gose Nothin’, a Leipzig-style Gose that undergoes a spontaneous fermentation similar to Belgian-style Gueuze/Lambic beer. Stop by either location and pick up a six pack. Let loose, get wild.

For the wined-out palate.
Flare Espumuso de Moscatel
From the Valencia region of Spain, this sparkling wine is produced from the Moscatel grape, a viticultural star of the area. A very similar appeal to the Italian moscato, these bright bubbles are Spain’s answer to Moscato d’Asti. Full of white peach, an an aroma or pear, melon, and lychee brightened by white flower and allspice on the palate. Change your brunch game up and substitute your weekly mimosas with a glass of this bubbly delight. Orange juice not needed.

For the young palate looking for a new sparkle.
You see it all the time. Kids hopped up sugary soda. The drink of artificial, caffeine-laced sweet goodness IMG_3897will eventually become your nightmare. No worries, we have your solution. JOIA, an all-natural soda, is made from scratch. Noticing a lack of truly interesting, uncommon flavors in the market, JOIA was born. A combination of fruits, herbs, and spices creates layers of intensely refreshing and distinct flavors. Nothing artificial, no preservatives, and an absolute no to any caffeine. Not to mention, vegan and gluten free. It’s an all-around lover of all! Their Grapefruit, Chamomile, & Cardamom sparkling soda has us swooning. Little ones give it a thumbs up, parents approve.

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