At Cone & Steiner General we’re always looking to expand our team. We love shiny happy people with experience in food, beverage and merchandising. If you’re intelligent, passionate about community, high energy, understand the universal significance of gathering around food, able to make smart decisions, work as part of team, learn new things and teach us new things then stop by one of our stores and drop off a resume or email it to

Right now we’re looking for:


Cashier, Capitol Hill & Pioneer Square:
20-30 hours a week

Duties include:
Providing our customers with excellent, personalized customer service
Learn how to use our in-house POS system to process sales
Processing incoming grocery deliveries
Maintaining signage and displays throughout the store
Restocking the store, refilling shelves daily
Communicating with the rest of the team effectively

Qualities we’re looking for:

Must be self-motivated and self-directed
Ability to see what needs to be done and do it
Ability to grow with the company, taking on more responsibilities in regards to working with vendors
Weekend and evening availability
Passion for local foods


Mercantile Merchandising Assistant, both stores
8-10 hours a week (can be more if this person is also working as a cashier)

Duties Include:
Order product and monitor reorder levels
Track trends both in the retail industry and in the store
Flex in response to what is selling in each store
Track ordering/receiving/sku creation and input/invoice tracking
Delegate tasks to the rest of cashier staff to get processed inventory on display
Get along with the other staff and customers
Ability to develop and maintain good relationships with vendors
Regularly maintaining, changing and creating displays

Qualities we’re looking for:

Must be self motivated and self directed
Must be detail-oriented
Must have a degree of OCD about cleanliness of store as a whole, especially product displays
Background or interest in merchandising
Ability and desire to learn more about each product line
Ability to grasp the store’s style and different neighborhood preferences