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17 Dec 2014, Posted by Melissa Giaime in Blog, Events, Products

Stop by this week and meet some small, local businesses. Please your palate with a taste of what they’re bringing in for our C&S customers. Check out our upcoming tastings!

Martin Family Orchards
Wednesday, Dec. 17th
PS 12:30-3pm | CH 4-6pm

Family owned and operated since 1986. Located in Orondo, WA the Martin family pick, package, and ship their fruit unlike most orchards. Known for their rainier cherries, they also have many varieties of orchard fruit from apples to pears, hand press their own cider, and now offer peach and nectarine spreads. Fruit isn’t picked until it’s ripe enough to be eaten fresh off the tree, so your know you’re getting the fruit at the sweet peak of ripeness. Tree to table, just the way it should be.

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Neato Burritos
Friday, Dec. 19th
PS 12:30-3pm | CH 4-6pm

When you’re on the go and beginning to feel HANGRY (hungry+angry), Neato Burrito will keep you from lashing out. Made right here in Seattle, WA these burritos are completely vegetarian. Their most popular burrito, the North African is full of tabouli, brown rice, hummus, and wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. Best served cold. So delicious you might forget to breath between bites.

Bradley’s Kina Tonic
Monday, Dec. 22nd
PS 12:30-3pm | CH 4-6pm

No flavorings. No extracts. Just the good stuff, the real stuff. The first tonic producer in the PNW, Bradley’s Kina Tonic uses whole spices, cold-pressed citrus oil, and imported Peruviran cinchona bark. Made in small batches completely by hand every time. One of the best tonics in the world, stop by to taste why. Your gin & tonic game will never be the same.

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