seattle’s boutique neighborhood markets.

We’re a thriving neighborhood market…a one-stop shop brimming indoors and out with everything you need. Think fresh flowers and hand ground flour; local produce and meats; the best dry goods and dairy…sweet treats and a highly-curated selection of gourmet prepared foods. In a unique twist on the urban general store, we also carry a robust selection of regional and global craft beers, wines and ciders. We even have our own growler station with six local beers on tap! Cone & Steiner General is reminiscent of the corner stores common in Seattle many years ago, with an updated take on today’s conscientious urban foodie culture. We source the highest quality products from local farms and producers whenever possible, and provide carefully-sourced, artisanal items from afar.

Our 19th avenue market is a place where the busy denizens of Capitol Hill and Madison Valley can drop-in for provisions to cook dinner, pick up food for a picnic in Volunteer Park, choose a thoughtful housewarming gift or grab a bottle of beer or wine to share with friends. C&S staff provide restaurant-level service and are able to speak to the story behind the products and their producers, as well as offer tastings, pairings and preparation tips.

Our second Cone & Steiner location will be opening in Pioneer Square this fall.

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